District 94 for Louisiana

Vision & Goals

Link to YouTube Channel of Marsala’s viewpoints on Issues

School Choice

No State Income Tax

Capping Property Tax increases at 1.25%

Return West End Lakeshore Park to Recreational Use

Jefferson Parish’s Veterans Blvd is an economic driver in District #94

West End Lakeshore Park

In 2022, he became active in restoring West End Lakeshore Park as a park for recreation and to preserve wildlife habitat. With his experience, in 30 days he was able to involve the local media to create attention to the 500,000 gallons per day of fresh water that was pouring into Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans S&W Board since Hurricane Katrina. Video Link.

Next he spoke at a Jefferson Parish Council Meeting, asking them to remove the debris and trim the oak trees along the lake in West End Lakeshore Park. Jefferson Parish immediately scheduled a crew and advised the New Orleans Municipal Yacht Harbor Management Corporation (MYHMC) to remove hundreds of concrete piling debris from the park.

The next step is getting the State Legislature to approve spending to repair the Lake Retention Wall or apply for a FEMA Grant before time expires. Marsala has been shut down at the state level, and needs your support to finish returning West End Lakeshore Park to Public Park use. Video Link.

Marsala’s interest goes way past solving the return of West End Lakeshore Park.

Playlists have been created for several issues including:

  1. Not creating more potential crime areas by adding an entertainment area in District 94

2. Capping annual Property Tax increases

3. Returning Recreation to West End Lakeshore Park

4. Addressing Opioid over prescribing to Seniors

5. Protecting Seniors Finances during Long Term Care

6. Addressing Unfunded Pension Liabilities

7. Returning offshore jobs to America when possible, especially call centers.

8. Opposing the removal of the Step-Up Basis in inheritance

9. Removing unfunded mandates on Cities and States

10. A policy to return removed monuments to original owners.

11. Reducing Harmful Algal Blooms and Dead Zones in Coast Waters

12. Maintaining the ability for Social Philanthropy by keeping taxes low.

13. Coastal Restoration

14. Reducing the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico and Harmful Algae Blooms in the Lake

15. Increase Government Transparency and Public Records Requests