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Controlling Crime in District #94

In the last four years crime has dramatically increased in District #94. Marsala has been writing about the increase in crime. Link to articles.

Five years ago, Marsala created a Facebook Page to inform residents of crime in District #94. Link to Facebook Page.

In September 2022 his car was stolen. On Easter Sunday afternoon in 2023, his neighbor’s boat was stolen. During July 4th week of 2023, the wheels were stolen from a neighbor’s car. On the morning of August 17th, 2023 over 70 shots were fired at the intersection of Veterans and Fleur de Lis.

Despite the increase in crime and threats to Public Safety, incumbent Representative Hilferty has stayed the course with her 2019 proposal that was passed into ACT 152 to convert West End Lakeshore Park into a Bourbon Street type activity zone in the heart of District #94.

Environmental Stewardship

Lake Pontchartrain & West End Lakeshore Park

Augie’s burned in the 1980s. in 1998 Hurricane Georges destroyed Bruning’s and Fitzgerald’s restaurants. New codes require 17′ high structures for West End Lakeshore Park. State Acts from 1906 and 1910 restrict the use to a “Public Park or Amusement Park.” Rather than politicians and appointed commissioners continue to seek ways to develop the park, it is time to return the park to recreational use and protect the wildlife habitat.

Lake Pontchartrain is an important asset and responsibility of District 94. For the last several years an estimated 300 pelicans have spent the fall on the pilings of the former restaurants in Jefferson Parish. Since 2000, the number of Pelican colonies in Louisiana has dropped from 30 to 9.

Rather than convert West End Lakeshore Park to bars, video poker, commercial, retail, hotel, and/or housing, we should retain the park and bring back some type of recreation that used to be provided in Mickey Retif Playspot.

One suggestion is converting the unused section section of Breakwater Drive a bike path

I then reached out to Fox8Live to fix the New Orleans Sewage & Water Board leak of 500,000 gallons per day.

Currently completing the restoration of West End Lakeshore Park is stopped at the State level. The Governor’s office will not file a FEMA or GOSHEP claim nor comment. For over a year, I have been asking DOA Jay Dardenne to address repairing the lake retention wall. There has been no response as potential FEMA funds near expiration.

In April, I went to Baton Rouge to ask the legislature for funding to repair the seawall. There was no interest.

As West End Lakeshore Park sits derelict, Jefferson Parish has raised $15 million to build a living shoreline. Federal Funds are available via the 2021 Infrastructure Act, Alliance for Open Space, and Bike Path Grants. I have met with Senator Cassidy on the $50 Million available for Lake Pontchartrian.

As State Representative, I will propose the legislation to return West End Lakeshore Park to a Public Park.

Environmental Stewardship

Impacts of Mississippi River Fertilizer & Algae Blooms in Lake Pontchartrain

Caring for Lake Pontchartrian

Fertilizer Runoff

Fertilizer Runoff from upriver, especially Iowa has created a Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico that exceeds 9,000 square miles.

Low oxygen is referred to as a Dead Zone and kills fish.
The Dead Zone is studied from Cocodrie Louisiana