Louisiana Freedom Caucus secretary/treasurer Beryl Amedee explained that electing Marsala and Kerner would greatly improve the chances of moving the state forward next year.

LAFCPAC board member Derek Babcock, who is also the Secretary of the Republican Party of Louisiana, touted both candidates as offering a fresh conservative perspective and a departure from the failed status quo formula at the state legislature. “We’ve spent this cycle looking for candidates who want to do more than just enjoy being members of the Legislature,” he said. “We’ve been fortunate to find more of them than we expected. Charles and Tim fit that mold, and we’re very proud to endorse them.”

LAFCPAC used several criteria as the basis for its endorsements, but where incumbents were concerned only the 19 members of the House of Representatives who voted against breaking the constitutional spending caps in this past regular legislative session were eligible for endorsement. All other current members of the Louisiana legislature were ineligible based on that bright-line test, which had been signaled by both the PAC and the Freedom Caucus during the session.

In the case of Connick and Hilferty, their voting records and actions at the Louisiana legislature made them particularly unsuitable for continued service, according to LAFCPAC chairman Scott McKay.“We’ve watched, particularly over the last eight years, certain so-called Republican legislators who cozied up to John Bel Edwards and the Democrat Party,” said McKay. “Two of the most egregious examples have been Pat Connick in the Senate and Stephanie Hilferty in the House.

“Connick eliminated whatever doubt there might have been about his subservience to the Edwards regime earlier this year when he sat out a veto override session which, among other things, resulted in a ban on pediatric sex changes and chemical castration drugs given to children.

“Meanwhile, Hilferty can’t seem to find a left-wing aggression she disagrees with; it’s so bad that when Rep. Ray Garofalo tried to stop Critical Race Theory being used to indoctrinate public school students in Louisiana, she attacked him in a committee hearing and accused him of defending slavery.

“Both are RINOs who pretend to stand with Republicans, and this fraudulent conduct can’t be tolerated. We’d be much better off without either.”