Environmental Stewardship

Impacts of Mississippi River Fertilizer & Algae Blooms in Lake Pontchartrain

Caring for Lake Pontchartrian

Fertilizer Runoff

Fertilizer Runoff from upriver, especially Iowa has created a Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico that exceeds 9,000 square miles.

Low oxygen is referred to as a Dead Zone and kills fish.
The Dead Zone is studied from Cocodrie Louisiana
Unfunded Financial Liabilities

New Orleans Unfunded Pension Liabilities exceed 40%

Over the last ten years funding for New Orleans Municipal Employees’ Retirement System or NOMERS has dropped from over 100% to less than 60%.

Several factors contributed to this drop. One factor is that under former Mayor Mitch Landrieu the city reduced qualifications to part-time and only five years needed to qualify for a NOMERS pension.

Charles Marsala has spoken to the New Orleans City Council several times to inform this of this issue to be addressed.

Climate Change

New Orleans new Airport Terminal adds 50,000 tons of CO2

The FAA Environmental Impact Reports showed at least 50,000 tons of CO2 will be added by moving the terminal 1.5 miles further from Downtown New Orleans from the Williams Exit to the Loyola Exit.

Moving the terminal expected to be at least a $2 Billion endeavor, paid for by increased ticket prices.

Besides the extra CO2 , moving the airport divided the 5,000 member community of Veterans Heights in half and added other allergens causing health problems to the residents.