Transparency of Public Finances

Millions in Local, State, & Federal Funds go missing or are wasted on bad projects.

Former Mayor Mitch Landrieu received $35 Million in Federal Funds claiming he had matching funds in New Orleans to convert the former U S Navy Base at Poland Avenue into an Emergency Operations Center and evacuation facility for hospitality workers during a hurricane.

The facility could have also been used during the Corona Virus epidemic of 2020.

The $70 million in funds were transferred to New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board, which is broke and has never accounted for them.

Moving the airport terminal in Kenner from the South side to the North Side is an example of government waste. $300 million will be spent building the flyover, that will destroy the Veterans Heights neighborhood. Another $500 million is needed to connect the north side back to the southside which has the Amtrack Station, employee parking, and car rentals. Massive no bid contracts were awarded.

32-acres of wetlands were covered with concrete. A large amount by Landrieu Concrete, who owns the lime-green trucks.

Rather than use reserves and seek funding matches of 3 to 1 grants for recreational and environmental projects, the MYHMC is awarding confidential contracts totaling over $400,000.00 to Mitch Landrieu’s former Deputy Mayor to find developers for West End Lakeshore Park, which is state owned.

State Acts form 1906 and 1910 seem to prohibit the planned development of bars, residential, commercial, hotel, and video poker. Four studies by the Regional Planning Commission have shown the area to be “saturated” with bars and restaurants. Will Federal Money be obtained to build a Jazzland, Plaza Shopping Center, Uptown Village, or Lazy Jack project that fails and leaves blight?